AP Police Si (Sub Inspector) Exam Results held on 28th February 2013 @ www.apstatepolice.org

AP Police Sub Inspector SI Exam Results held on 28th February 2013

Andhra Pradesh Sub inspector SI posts written Exam results will be released to the full exercise of the AP police Recruitment board.

AP State Police SI Examination 2013 participant candidates are waiting for the results from 1 year.

Finally AP POLICE DEPARTMENT has decided to declare results on 08th March (may be) 2014 on it’s  official web site AP police Recruitment Board i.e. www.apstatepolice.org.

సబ్ ఇన్‌స్పెక్టర్ (ఎస్‌ఐ) పోస్టుల రాత పరీక్షా ఫలితాలు ఒకటి రెండు రోజుల్లో విడుదల కానున్నాయి. ఈ మేరకు పోలీసు రిక్రూట్‌మెంట్ బోర్డు అధికారులు కసరత్తు పూర్తి చేసినట్లు తెలిసింది. ఏడాదిగా ఎస్‌ఐ రాత పరీక్షా ఫలితాల కోసం అభ్యర్థులు నిరీక్షిస్తున్న సంగతి తెలిసిందే. ఈ లోపు సార్వత్రిక ఎన్నికలకు షెడ్యూల్ విడుదల కావడంతో ఫలితాలపై అభ్యర్థుల్లో ఆందోళన నెలకొంది. మొత్తానికి బోర్డు అధికారులు ఫలితాల విడుదలకు రంగం సిద్ధం చేయడంతో అభ్యర్థుల నిరీక్షణకు తెరపడనుంది.

AP State Police Si (Sub Inspector) Exam 2012 Answer Key: State Level Police Recruitment Board (SLPRB) conducted written test on 8th & 9th December 2012 for the recruitment of 2296 Sub Inspector Warders SI Posts in various categories (AP Police (www.apstatepolice.org) - Civil police, armed forces AR, APSC, SPF, Fire & Emergency Services) under RC No. 931/R&T/Rect.1/2011

Above 3 lakhs peoples are applied for these posts, but in 5KM run 2lakhs applicants were rejected. In PET tests 60,000 peoples are disqualified. At finally 37,916 peoples are qualified for the both 5KM and PET tests. These people are eligible for the SI written test. The written examination conducted on 8th, 9th December 2012.

AP Police Sub Inspectors SI cut off marks: It is the first time where negative marking is introduced for SI Written Exam (objective type). There will be Negative marking in AP SI December 2012 written test for wrong answers marked in the Objective Test (i.e. In Paper 3 & Paper 4). For each wrong answer one fourth or 0.25 of the marks assigned to that question will be deducted.

Paper I: English

Paper II: Telugu / Urdu

Paper III: Arithmetic and Test of Reasoning /Mental Ability (Objective in nature)

Paper IV: General Studies (Objective in nature)

AP Police Sub Inspectors SI cut off marks will be updated soon.

KEY for S.I. EXAM PAPER-III/PAPER-IV Conducted on 09-12-12

Click here for AP SI of Police Paper 3 Answer Key

Click here for AP Sub Inspector SI GS Paper Answer Key

AP State Police Si (Sub Inspector) Exam Question Paper 3 with Answer Key

AP State Police Si (Sub Inspector) Exam Question Paper 4 with Answer Key

This is for students reference only. The paper evaluation is done on the basis of the final key given by A.P. State Police Recruitment Board (www.apstatepolice.org).

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  1. pleas send me si key

  2. kalyanam ramakrishna

    what is the nagative mark value (0.5 or 0.25) for wrong answer?

    as instructoons given in the test booklet Instructio No.3 but nagitive marking value was not mentioned in the test booklet.

  3. Kindly let me know the correct value of negative mark

  4. Kindly give the correct information of negative marks, 0.50 or 0.25

  5. All s.i aspirants ,lets go to the govt. To reduce the qualifying cutoff marks.

  6. cutt off marks of bc D

  7. in 1rs there are 4 25paise.
    In the same way for 1wrong ans there will be 25paisa decrement in 1right ans..
    Or 1right ans =1rupee.
    Nd 1wrong ans=25paisa..

  8. all si candidates please check this answers
    bad thing is prb also did not change in the final key also for this we will loss 4.5 marks guys whar to do
    Paper IV
    Booklet series A
    Q no 3

    List I List II

    1. Jyotirao govindrao phule a. Namdhari
    2. E.V. Ramaswami naicker b. Sarvashodhak samaj
    3. Shahu maharaj c. Satya shodak
    4. Ramsingh d. Self Respect

    Given answer is D
    But correct answer is C

    Ref : Tata Macgrill General Studies Manual
    Indian National Movement chapter
    Page no C51 Qno 14

    Paper IV
    Booklet series A
    Q no 10

    List I List II

    a. Method of direct action 1. Gokhale
    b. Non-cooperation means 2. Bhagat singh
    c. Method of petitions and resolutions 3. Tilak
    d. Acts of courage to rouse the 4. Gandhijee
    Man revolt by masses

    Given answer is B
    But correct answer is A

    Ref : Tata Macgrill General Studies Manual
    Indian National Movement chapter
    Page no C62 Qno 159

    Paper IV
    Booklet series A
    Q no 142

    As per 2011 census, an urban settlement to be classified as a city in the Indian census should have a minimum population of
    A) 1 Lakh B) 3 Lakhs C) 5 Lakhs D) 10 Lakhs

    Given answer is A
    But correct answer is D

  9. did any guys selected for deputy jailor interview

  10. Sir good evening….
    waiting for si results

  11. all si candidates please check this answers
    bad thing is prb also did not change in the final key also for this we will loss 4.5 marks guys whar to do
    Paper IV
    Booklet series A
    Q no 3

    List I List II

    1. Jyotirao govindrao phule a. Namdhari
    2. E.V. Ramaswami naicker b. Sarvashodhak samaj
    3. Shahu maharaj c. Satya shodak
    4. Ramsingh d. Self Respect

    Given answer is D
    But correct answer is C

    Ref : Tata Macgrill General Studies Manual
    Indian National Movement chapter
    Page no C51 Qno 14

    Paper IV
    Booklet series A
    Q no 10

    List I List II

    a. Method of direct action 1. Gokhale
    b. Non-cooperation means 2. Bhagat singh
    c. Method of petitions and resolutions 3. Tilak
    d. Acts of courage to rouse the 4. Gandhijee
    Man revolt by masses

    Given answer is B
    But correct answer is A

    Ref : Tata Macgrill General Studies Manual
    Indian National Movement chapter
    Page no C62 Qno 159

    Paper IV
    Booklet series A
    Q no 142

    As per 2011 census, an urban settlement to be classified as a city in the Indian census should have a minimum population of
    A) 1 Lakh B) 3 Lakhs C) 5 Lakhs D) 10 Lakhs

    Given answer is A
    But correct answer is D

  12. cut off marks SC CATEGORY

  13. so how to contact the board members for corrections

  14. How would cut off marks expected In genaral catagiry (oc) 2nd zone ? Plz send me

  15. siva sankar reddy

    si results epudu vatayi

  16. Hi………..(future sub inspectors…)
    Si results will come june or july 2013(according to some official info).Officers said only 600-700 candidates only qualifying in both papers( 3& 4).Remaining posts are gambling thats why results are late.

    You guys pls… respond to this comment,we will contact DGP or Chairman regarding this one.


  17. I have 192 marks 5th zone (OC) any chance

    • @Narender Reddy,Did you qualifying both papers? If,yes you will surely get a job,
      No tense at all.
      All the best.

  18. Thank you Aditya ram. iam qulify two pepars. 3rd pepar 108. 4th pepar 84.

    • hai i am kumar from zone 2 eluru i got 173 marks paper3 98 and paper 4 is 75 plz tell me brother what is the cut off marks

  19. caste BC-D and ncc

  20. Kumar wait for results chance is their

  21. marks in paper3 90 and in paper4 87 . am belongs to oc category. is there any chance to me to get si post

  22. i am belonging to 2nd zone i got195(3rd 110 & 4th 85).i am general candidate, is there any chances for me?

  23. i scored 110 marks in paper-3 and 69.5 bc-d….i know im nt qualified bt will they consider those 0.5 marks

  24. Narender Reddy

    Expected cut off will be 190-200 (oc) 1st and 5th zone

  25. Guys What Would Be The Cut Off Mark for bc D

  26. Guys what is expectation of cut off marks

  27. I Got 172 marks Zone II BC-D

  28. @ Kumar, u have any idea about results when it will come?

  29. When will be the si results guys i am so tensed and what is the cut off mark for bc d in zone 2
    A Rumour Is There that THERE ARE qualified Members Are Only 1000 is It True Or Not Plz give Reply Guys

  30. Sorry no idea about results aditya
    and U is it true That ONLY 600 ARE qualified
    I Got 172 yar is There Any Chance aditya Bc D Zone II

  31. @kumar,some one told 600 candidates are qualifying(both papers),
    You will get a job(because u are qualifying both papers).

    All the best.

  32. thanq aditya for reply u have any idea about results
    how many marks did u get aditya

  33. Sir..i am venkat from 3rd jone…iam belongs 2 BC_D..but in the pet details..they printed as OC…i did not observed at the exam time…today i watched my details and get shocked…i got 180 marks…what i will do…plz give me reply

  34. Sir….there is any chance 2 get the job in BC quota

  35. @venkat,Go to IG office and inform to them,
    If in case any chance is there they will modify,
    I think there is no chance(100%).

  36. @kumar,I got 218(p3=93 and p4=125)

  37. I think u will select in oc only
    all ready list is prepared u have to check At the ExAm Time Only GOD GRACE wait And See

  38. I have 183 marks,IV th Zone is there any chance to get job and I belongs to bc-a.

  39. I have 183 marks both papers, IVth Zone and in belongs to BC-A any chonce to get job


  40. raju u will get job

  41. Hai aditya u have nice score congrats yar .my score Is 174 IS IT BETTER or not Ha Waiting For Result Hope We Will Get Soon

  42. Go has passed itseems it is real or not
    may be results will be in 10 days
    then what about u guys

  43. aditya congrats for u nice score what about me yar i am getting tensed

  44. i am shiva p3 80 p4 85 . bc b zone 2 please tell me any chance . atleast AR or APSP

  45. i am qualified in both papers.

  46. is it better score 165 for bc b zone 2

  47. @kumar,you will get a job no tense,Is it real results will come in 10 days?

  48. GO passed it seems guys

  49. I am belongs 2 bc_d nd 3rd zone…i got p3_90 nd p4_80….job vache avakasalunnaya…!

  50. when will come si result

  51. zone 2 exam qualified brothers pls respond. post your views, and marks. pls tell me any chances to me about 165 marks in bc b.

  52. when si results come out please give if any information is there

  53. results will be out on 23rd of this month.hopefully everyone can get job.

  54. really on 23rd….? is it true…..,

  55. Really reddy who told you yar hope so results get soon

  56. 23rd sunday. So results not announced.the matter is fake

  57. is it true, please dont be joks

  58. reddy 23 rd is over. where are the results

  59. false news reddy election code is from 28th june itseems let us hope may be the results declare in these four days all of pray god thanq All The Best

  60. Iam rana.my marks p3 82 .p4 90.total 172.iam belongs to 5th zone.my caste st and ground marks 95.my brother name mahesh p3 82 p4 86 plz tell me any chances both

  61. O my God get results soon please

  62. Eenadu head office number 040 23440304
    Sakshi paper head office number 040 23303829 , 040 23304284
    Sakshi tv number 040 23333100, 040 23256000 See To Get In The News

  63. Hi raju bro.ur marks 183 good marks .pakka u will got the job.this is my opinion

  64. hi frnds myself suresh.n 1st congrts for who r qulfd in si2o12 exm nd i got 174 marks n both papers qualifd frm oc (4 zone) z any chance 2 get d job rply plz…. Plz

  65. File Is Pending In Cm Chamber Let Us Pray GOD To Get Results soon

  66. is it possible results will announce with in the election notification

  67. All the thing is in cm hands he is the final to declare results

  68. Hi..when will be announced results..alredy 6 months are gon…we are not suppose to pray 2 the god…we are suppose 2 pry our cm…

  69. Election notification is on 3rd results should be given on before 2nd all of you call to media and say to have some news in paper so we can get results soon

  70. Results are not declared i am so depressed all of you wait till august after elections

  71. Results are in august 3 or 4th we have to wait till one month

  72. Freinds you Have Any Information

  73. results will be come in august first week.

    what is the cut off for bc-d in zone 4
    plz tell me

  74. Guys please post expected cut off marks for all zones

  75. Results will come in November

  76. Brothers call to recruitment board number 040-23232266.

  77. Ram l think cut off marks will be qalifing marks

  78. hello brothers iam OC 4th zone i got 181 marks any chance for job plz tell me plz plz plz 9640070657

  79. hai brothers iam oc 4th zone i got 181 markes i will got job or not plz tell me 9640070657

  80. Aditya ram how do u know results come in november.why the results are getting late.do they really come in november.some told that results come in august what about that

  81. sir,
    please sir announce Si results sir this is life & death sir
    till 9 months always waiting for the result of Si sir………………orrrrrrrrrrrrrr
    give any information about results plzplz plz plz plzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz

  82. When will be the results

  83. when will si results come out its too late

  84. All r waiting for results and the information up to date from seven months we r going prb off and cm camp off and at last krishnaiah maha dharna prb chairmen told that 2 go’s should pass one go regarding alter of posts passed on 18th july go no is 195 and go no 254 regarding spf posts from 68 to 32 pased on 12th sep he told to wait for spf go so that it is passed i hope may the results will be in 7 days

  85. Poornachandhra rao told to wait for spf go and it is passed now we r going krishnaiah to call him and ask for results

    • Tribunal has suspended the file against rcruitment and gov gave permission to recruit for 32 posts
      May be the soon results will get

  86. Spf go passed and chairmen is not responding to results ha see what to do
    One man went to tribunal regarding recruitment of spf si posts thats why too late

  87. I am thankful to vamsi and co doing a great job for getting results all si aspirants you also need to thank him

  88. Ipudu dhaka spf go ravalani anadu ipudu emo konni litigations unay ani antunadu chairmen of prb puri

  89. Let us go to cm for results

  90. hi ……………….
    5 th zone lo entha cutoff untundi bc-b lo if u any idea please send me mail
    i got 176 marks both papers qualified
    please…………………….send mail or msg 9849199674

  91. hi………
    am prasad i got 176 marks in si 2012 exam
    please tel me …… wts the cut off
    please……………. plzz cal me 9849199674

  92. sir results plz

  93. @see prasad exact cut offs dont know but ur qualified wait and see all categories cut off would be below 195 only i think

  94. siresults2013@gmail.com

    All si aspirants post urmarks si that we can come for one conclusion of expected cut off

  95. My marks are 165

  96. Post ur marks guys

  97. 3rd jone
    170 marks

  98. siresults2013@gmail.com

    Post ur marks all of si aspirants
    Prb chairman garu results sir plZzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz…………….

  99. siresults2013@gmail.com

    Results will come after court judgement only but it is in reserve now
    Dont know when it will be pronouncement of orders
    Post ur coments to siresults2013@gmail.com

  100. 4th zone bc d 155 marks

  101. siresults2013@gmail.com

    Prb ki chairman ledu mana pichhi gani inka results anti .
    Post ur marks guys all of u to siresults2013@gmail.com
    And reply will be given

  102. siresults2013@gmail.com

    Guys post ur marks
    See siresults videos in youtube
    Search word siresults

  103. guys lets do something lets fix a date and will gather in hyd and will ask to CM for our results. If you be quit no one will consider our problem. one year has left already lets try get at least this year. nomatter how many marks we got lets gather and will get our results dont look for the others plz come and fight. this is our problem the only way to solve is in our hands.

  104. BC B 166 MARKS BOTH QUALIFIED, any chance to me . boys pl post your marks. then we calculate
    minimum, maximum marks. thank you

  105. my mobile num 9014324310.

  106. See Suresh it is waste of time to meet cm we already met 15 times for results he is telling that i will see it. The problem is in court now to tell how to follow the rule of reservation.We should gather and speak in front of media then only it highlights and everyone knows the mistake done by state level police recruitment board.
    Friends post ur coments and marks to siresults2013@gmail.com
    Friends see videos in youtube by searching Siresults u will get the videos.tc bye

  107. Court starts from monday hope it for judgement to come soon.post ur marks guys

  108. any update plzzzzzzz

  109. Any information about SI results please tell yar.

    cut off yentha vundochu

  110. Post ur marks dudes let us fight for results

  111. All of u tell expected cut off please guys

  112. Epatlo court case clear kaada.

    asalu case hearing kanna velinda
    yemana thelisthe chepandi frnds

  113. all of u si aspirants post ur marks to siresults2013@gmail.com
    and see the videos in youtube

  114. results epudu vastayi this is life and death situvation

  115. Results e week lo aina vastaya

  116. All si aspirants plz attend for dharna on 11 feb at indira park regarding si results all u plz attend bring ur freinds also and pass the information. Come out guys and fight for ur future

  117. sir plz release 2012 SI results release si results release plz release sir plz plz Plz this week plz sir sir.

  118. Dgp sir plz release 2012 SI results yours said last month v will release si results in 1week but no release plz release sir plz plz.

  119. Hi frnds we ve to fight for our own results so pls is the dharna ther on 11 feb i ll attend m frm zone 4 n ncc n bc e catg my marks r 159 both qualifiyin

  120. sir plz release 2012 SI results release si results release plz release sir plz plz Plz release si results this week plz sir sir.

  121. sir plz release 2012 SI results release si results release plz release sir plz plz.

  122. Hai fnds wt abt darna. Nenu raaleaka poyanu du to work fnds sorry.. Wt the mater abt darna tell me plz fnds

  123. What happened in darna

  124. What freinds sitting at home and asking what about dharna everyone should come and respond
    Ours is not a small problem its a big issue all of u should come to one platform and fight
    Sitting at home and asking no use by this we will never get results.what the bloody happening still 15 months waiting for results
    Dharna attendence is 30 students only what a bad thing.

  125. Frnds good news yesterday new chairman for slprb mr T.Tirumala Rao has been appointed so we can expect the result at the earliest

    • No use after judgement only officers will come and go thats all
      All si aspirants plz attend for meeting in ou arts college campus on 25 feb 2014 regarding results
      All of u should come to one platform and fight for results plz guys come as many as possible if u come out only we can get the results

  126. How was the darna fnds

  127. al si aspirants post ur marks and what would be the cut off marks in your zone reply will be given
    know ur zone cut off marks so post ur marks guys

  128. Sorry fnd. Let wt we do tellme for results

  129. All si aspirants plz attend for meeting on 25 feb 2014 at OU ARTS COLLEGE CAMPUS regarding results all of u should come to one platform and fight for results
    Plz guys come as many as possible if u come only we can get the results.

  130. Ou arts college on 25 feb at 9:00AM

  131. Election notification lopu results vastaya fnds

  132. K fnd i will come for our results… Wt is u r name bro(siaspirant)?

  133. Results vastaya leda notification raddu avutunda

  134. frnds i m very sorry to say this we r all cheated actually what happened is some of the omr’s missed, the board has nothing to do
    thats why results wont come results never come please dont waste time prepare for next notification

  135. gud news frnds

    reservations py court vuna case kotivetha
    results ku margam sugamam

  136. Gud news frnds

    Reservations py court lo case kotivetha
    Results ku margam sugamam

  137. results in this month only hc cases cleared

  138. Prb will listen to supreme court only so it is planning to go for appeal in supreme court and after there akshintalu they will release our results .so dont except results

  139. Hi friends the case was disposed on 18 th feb 2014. so i think the results will coming soon……
    reg case number is wp 7074 of 2013.

  140. Fnds plz cheppandi the results r come r not clear ga tell me plz clarity ga cheppandi fnds. Plz vasthaya

  141. 25th ou lo si meet vunda leada fnds?

  142. Prb is going to supreme court because it should give jobs for 50 members in last recruitment
    Prb chesina thapuku manam bali
    Mana rashtramlo group1 oka officer thapu chesthe sub inspector ki oka officer
    Vellu chesina thapulaku manam siksha anubhavistunam

  143. Siaspirant anna okasari highcourt websitelo judgement copy chudu hc ichindhi supremecourt rules paatinchamani malli sup.courki velleveelu ledu.

  144. Resevaration rule acept cheyamani CM Ledu so cheif secretry sign chesthe results clear

  145. Frnds kindly intimate me whether dharna is ther on 25 feb r nt if yes then wat is the plan of action thanks

  146. On 26 feb at 12:00pm at press club, opp eenadu office, somajiguda

  147. All of u attend press metting at press club somajiguda

  148. Satish don’t worry that is fake matter.

  149. All of u plz come to chalo hyderabad programe on
    01-03-2014. Press club meeting attendance is 35 ver very bad.

  150. Chalo hyd prg on march first at indira park

  151. Wt happend Si results?

  152. Come on frnds chalo hyderabad on mar 1 sharp at indira park please attend the maha dharna to get our Si results 2011 and make it grand sucess

  153. Wt abt darna fnds

  154. hi brothers tomorrow we want to ask for our results.come every one dont miss.

  155. Prb is planning to go supreme court if wont fight we will not get results thats all and it is up to ur wish and dont think some members fighting u should come and attend. So think it friends

  156. Wt abt darna fnds.and results

  157. pls give me the information about how many marks should gained by womens in si exams and the cut off marks also.the examination paper was very difficult..tel me guys when the results wil declared.today dharna has conduct or not..

  158. Rastrapathi palanalo results vaduluthara

  159. inka results raavu vere alternative jobs vedhukovadam better anpistundhi anna.totally our state admin destroyed.good bye to results.

  160. To know about dharna see videos in youtube by typing
    Ap si results

  161. Any information abt si results. Yester day i was seemed tv tnn chanel. Darna chowk the si candiates r stting and fighting for 2011 resuts.. Wt abt si results

  162. Fnds repat nunchi election code anta mari election code lo results vastaya leka malli election aipoye varaku results rava .fnds pls clarify my doubt

  163. May varaku results rava fnds election code vastundi kada

  164. Repu election notification vasthundi inka result gurinchi marchipoindi

  165. Today eendadu paper lo today r tomarrow si results ani anounce chesaru fnds.

  166. Si results?

  167. Si results is on friday.

  168. Friday results ani neeku eala thelusu bro ?

  169. Si Resultsss…?

  170. Friday over bro

    Asalinthaku vasthaya

  171. Where are the results

  172. Results on monday frnds

  173. Okati rendu rojulo results anaru
    Yekada results
    Vasthaya rava
    Yemana thelisthe chepandi frnds

  174. Jeelan monday kuda complet wher r results fnd?. .i will go to ….?

  175. results inka ravu frnds
    manam vere alternative chusukovadam manchidi

  176. Results are late 10days. We are go to dgp office and Chairmen said to some techenical problems just wait to date on 20th march below.so frnds wait dont worry.

    • HI narendr rdy !
      R u sure dat results r bfre 20march ,plz say da corct informatn bro plz or else gve me ur number i wil cl u ?

  177. Naku railway lo job vachindi i am going to railway chi chi bloody slprb.oka chairmen 2011 lo
    Thappu chesinadhuku manaki e siksha.antho asathi department lo cherdam anukunna kani e adhikarlu avakasam ivatla intha late aa too much 15 months.job lo unapadu ips officers vedhiplu anukunna gani job lo rakamunde manaku narakam chupisthunaru.manaki chala loss.bloody system.anywhere i will respect police dept .jai hind.

  178. Election commission is not giving permission
    Cec vs sampanth is coming to hyderabad so all si
    Aspirants plz come and attend we will ask him
    May be in two three days.
    Otherwise we will not get results.

  179. Centrol election commission nundi permision vasthane results announce chestharata permission raakapothe afte may 18th hops on results

  180. 20th lopu gurantty ga vasthaya fnd. Plz tell me truth fnd. Its realy will come beetwin 20th date replay plz

  181. hi friends i got 140 marks and qualified in both papers 3rd and 4th and i belong to ST category in ZONE-6th
    may i have any chances to get job
    could u know pls send me reply

  182. siva sankar reddy

    when did he come to si results?

  183. siva sankar reddy

    asalu results vastayiantara frds?

  184. Results ravu frnds

    Manam pichi valam inka vati kosam yeduru chusthunamu

  185. Wt abt si results fnds?

  186. results r coming of this week. it is conform frnds.

  187. It is Realy na ..veerababu..? How u know fnd?.tell us truth fnd.. Realy in this week result will come???

  188. Realy come?

  189. E week lo kadu ye week lona ravu frnds
    Inka yeduru chudadam waste frnds

  190. Realy na raava results fnds? Then wt we do…

  191. si results eppudu bhayya..!

  192. 20th kuda ayepoindi
    Results ravu frnds

  193. Rohith ni marks entha?

  194. 196 bc-b, 5th zone. U?

  195. Friends Dn’t send fake informations plz. U know currect information then send otherwise d’t send plz fnds..

  196. 199 bc-b 5th zone

  197. bc-b 5th zone lo manakante mundhu chala candidates vunnaru manaku ravadam kashtam openlo kuda kashtame

  198. bc-b 5th zone lo manakante mundhu chala candidates vunnaru manaku ravadam kashtam openlo,bc-b quotalo kuda kashtame

  199. U know Cut off?

  200. My Dear all aspirents results gurunchi evaraki teliyadu board vaallake telusthundi ichevaraku wait cheyali don’t nervas.

  201. Fnds wt abt si results? Any information plz tell me fnds

  202. wt abt si results?

  203. Wt kiran wt u said how many years wait bro.still no release, Tention vasthundi .. Age aiypothundi maa vallu pelli antunaru wt i do kiran.. Pelli na waiting na ? … Which one i select bro.. No job no marriage wt i do.. Dgp ,bord officers ku pelli job enjoye chesthunaru vallaku eami theliyadam leadu mana problems enjoye chesthunaru

  204. See march 21 andhra jyothi paper small article rasaru si results gurinchi. Si results ki election code aduga undi and police officers went to election office for permission ani

  205. Rsi conversion to si results ki election commission permission ichindi anta today results ani sakshi paper lo vesadu mari si results ki election commission permission ivaleda why?

  206. Em aindi fnds inka results marchipovadam tapada inka results rava

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